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We work hand in hand with retailers, brands and branded manufacturers across diverse industries to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences.

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VANGUARD MATRIX, INC. creates Mobile POS solutions according to World Industry Standards. We will help you implement mPOS for your businesses to further increase your sales and expand your customer base.


MWallet is a secure and convenient storage to store your confidential and sensitive information related to Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Insurance Policies developed by VANGUARD MATRIX team of experts.

Payment Gateway

We offer different gateway solutions for payment service provider and acquirers. Choose which one suits you best. VANGUARD MATRIX offers different gateway solutions for payment service provider and acquirers. Choose which one suits you best.


We are a global software development company based in Canada. We use advanced IT technologies and take an innovative approach to help businesses worldwide. Our team works alongside customers to ensure that 100% of the projects are done in an effective manner. Moreover, we provide a clear breakdown of the costs with no additional and hidden charges. With a wealth of experience in product development and application services we are committed to bringing continued success to your organization.


VANGUARD MATRIX, INC. was formed in 2014, founded by group of young, brilliant and certified IT professionals. Our headquarters are located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leader in software development industry, while helping to meet the dynamic and complex IT environments in a secure and responsible way.


VANGUARD MATRIX, INC. is a software development company that aims to meet the world’s growing demand for efficient, flexible and secure business solutions. Our operations are divided into two core businesses: Product Development (Developing Ecommerce Solutions) and App Services (Custom Client Based Projects)


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